LoadRunner Certification-11

LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 11
101: When running a debug run, what should you be looking for?
A. System Worms as expected under load
B. No errors pertaining to running the load test
C. All server CPU and memory utilization below 50%
D. Transaction response times that are higher than expected
102: Where do you define the value to be used for a random sequence seed?
A. Script Preferences
B. Scenario Scheduler
C. Script Run-time settings
D. Scenario Run-time settings
103: What is the recommended transaction monitoring frequency for large scenarios?
A. 3
B. 10
C. 15
D. 30
104: What is a collection of Vusers within a scenario called?
A. A set
B. A group
C. A profile
D. A scenario
105: When scheduling a scenario, which run modes are available in the Controller? (Select two.)

A. Group

B. Scenario
C. Duration
D. Global Schedule
E. Real-Life Schedule
F. Run Until Complete
106: If you forget to connect to the load generators prior to starting a scenario, what will happen when the START command is issued?
A. The Controller will attempt to connect to the load generators then begin the scenario.
B. An error message will result, stating that connection must first be made to the load generators.
C. The Vusers will automatically move to the FAILED status, and an error message will be issued.
D. The Vusers will remain in the DOWN status until connection to the load generator(s) is manually done.
107: What is the recommended logging option in the Run-time setting for a full load test?
A. Disable
B. Standard
C. Extended
D. Only when an error occurs
108: Which scenario run is recommended to set the Run-time setting to Extended Log, Data Returned by Server?
A. Debug
B. Full Load
C. Top Time
D. Scalability
109: When you configure the transaction monitoring frequency, what is the recommended value for a small scenario?
A. 1
B. 5
C. 10
D. 15
110: Which run validates that there is enough test hardware available in the test environment?
A. Debug run
B. Scalability run
C. Benchmark run
D. Top-Time Transaction run



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