Live Project Testing

Live Project Testing


Project Details:

Domain: ECommerce

Sub Domain: B2C (Business to Customer)

Project Name: Online Shopping System

Admin Interface:

User: Administrator

User Id: admin
Password: [email protected]

User Interface:

Users: Guest User, Registered User


LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

HTML and Java Script for UI Design (Web Add in is sufficient)

Actors of Application:

Portal Owner – Provides Business Gateway between Vendors and Customers

Vendor – Post and Sell their products through the Business Gateway, track Orders and generate Reports

Guest Users (Customer): Launch the user interface and get products information

Registered Users: Get products information and purchase one or more products

Administrator: Add/Edit/Delete Vendors, Categories and Products
Generate Reports

Financial Service Providers: PayPal

Features in Admin Interface:

Login to Admin Interface

Add/Edit/Delete Categories

Add/Edit/Delete Products

Add/Edit/Delete Vendors

Customer Reports

Orders Reports

Add/Edit/Delete Currencies

Set default  Currency

Order status

General Reports

Features in User Interface:

Launch Application

Search for Products

Customer Registration

Customer Login

Add  /Update /Delete products

Check Out process

Business Flows:

i) Launch Application + View Products + Close Application

ii) Launch Application + View Products + Registration + Close Application

iii) Launch Application + View Products + Registration + Purchase products + Close Application

iv) Launch Application + View Products + Login + Purchase products + Close Application

v) Launch Application + Search for products + Login + Purchase products + Close Application

vi) Launch Application + Add to products + Registration + Checkout + Close Application

vii) Launch Application + Login + Cancel Orders + Close Application

viii) Launch Application + Status enquiry + Close Application

ix) Launch Application + Login + Update shopping cart + Logoff + Close Application


Test Scenarios:
1) Launch Application

2) Customer Registration

3) Login

4) Verify Objects Count in the Home page

5) Verify Login, Logoff Links

Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
Test Plan Document

Test Case Documents

Test Data

Defect Reports

Metrics Collection Reports

Test Summary Report

Test Closure


Test Automation using QTP

Select Areas / Test Cases for Automation




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