Live from TechEd: 4 top features of Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess

It’s the final session of TechEd 2013. Even though you’re probably exhausted and patiently awaiting the closing party at the Superdome, it’s not time to stop learning just yet. TrainSignal instructor Richard Hicks has kicked off his session, “The Future is Now! Next Generation Remote Access Today with Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess,” in New Orleans Theater B.

To give you a taste of the session, here are the four highlights of DirectAccess Richard shared at the beginning of his presentation.

Windows Server 2012 DirectAcess feature highlights:

  1. It’s much easier to deploy. You can deploy DirectAccess in as little as three mouse clicks (although just because you can doesn’t mean you should). It has a more flexible network placement model.
  2. There are tremendous performance enhancements. You can use a single IPsec Tunnel and there have been improvements to IP-HTTPS.
  3. It’s much more scalable now. Load balancing is supported out of the box and it supports geographic redundancy, so you can have multiple gateways in multiple physical locations.
  4. From a management perspective, monitoring, reporting and diagnostics are much improved, and you can do everything with PowerShell.

You must have Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 7 Ultimate. They must be domain-joined.

To see more from Richard on DirectAccess, check out his course on Windows Server 2012 Implementing Secure Remote Access with DirectAccess.


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