SAP Interview Questions – Part 20

1. What do you mean by condition index, how you configured in you project? Condition index means keep the all condition records what ever you maintained for particular condition type.if you want process this you should be active index in condition type 2. How cost will flow from delivery (with out reference order) to billing? […]

SAP Interview Questions – Part 19

1. Explain about the Smart forms? Smart Forms SAP form tool. SAP Smart Forms combines previously separate components such as forms and print programs into a single unit. To print a form, you only need a program for data retrieval and a smart form from which an ABAP function module is automatically generated. 2. What […]

SAP Interview Questions – Part 18

1. why to Search for a transaction code ? If you’re not sure what a transaction code is, or you know the transaction code but can’t find it in the menu, use this transaction: Type in the transaction code, or part of the name e.g. sales order. Any transaction name with that text in it […]

SAP Interview Questions – Part 16

1. What is chart of account? What is the relevance of defining chart of account? It is the top level  financial structure, contains the GL Accounts we define the all the accounts and one chart of accounts assign to company code and one chart of accounts will assign to many company codes . It is […]

SAP Interview Questions – Part 15

1. In SAP-HR, What is the landscape of your project? Landscape in SAP consists the following: 1. IDES = Training Server 2. Development Server * Configuration (200 client) * Sandbox (210 client) * Data Change (220 client) 3. Quality Server * Standby (300 client) * Testing (310 client) 4. Production Server * Pre-Production (400 client) […]

SAP Interview Questions – Part 14

1.How does u recognize an attribute whether it is a display attribute or  not? In Edit characteristics of char, on general tab checked as attribute only. 2.What are the extra fields does PSA contain? (4) Record id, Data packet 3.Partitioning possible for ODS? No, It’s possible only for Cube. 4.Why partitioning? For performance tuning. 5.Have […]

SAP Interview Questions – Part 13

1. What is the table that is used in start routines? Always the table structure will be the structure of an ODS or InfoCube. For  example if it is an ODS then active table structure will be the table. 2. What is the difference between ODS and InfoCube and MultiProvider? ODS: Provides granular data, allows […]

SAP Interview Questions – Part 12

1.Explain the organizational assignment in the controlling module? Company codes are assigned to the controlling area. A controlling area is assigned to the operating concern.Controlling Area is the umbrella under which all controlling activities of Cost Center Accounting, Product costing, Profitability Analysis and Profit Center are stored. Operating Concern is the highest node in Profitability […]

SAP Interview Questions – Part 10

1) What is internal recruitment ? Internal recruitment is search for internal applicants. when you integrate with personal development, you can use profile match up which help to search for resources internally. Also  In recruitment it is represented by ‘P’ as Person and ‘AP” as external person. 2) What are problems generally faced while posting […]

SAP Interview Questions – Part 11

1. Explain What are the issues related with Accounts receivable?    As the Accounts Receivable Supervisor, you will: i.Oversee and resolve all issues related to cash application to ensure accuracy ii.Reconcile daily cash receipts to payment register iii.Design and implement new Accounts Receivable processes and procedures iv.Process short payment and accounts receivable adjustment forms v.Develop and […]