Object Properties and Methods used in QTP

Object Properties and Methods used in QTP Following are the Main Properties and Methods are used in QTP Activate : The Activate method is used to activate the dialog boxes/Windows. Syntax: (Object hierarchy).Activate Example: Window(“Login”).Activate Dialogue(“Login”).Activate Click : The Click method is used to click on an object, usually buttons. Syntax: (Object hierarchy).Click Example: Window(“Login”).WebButton(“Ok”).click […]

Automation Framework in QTP

Automation Framework   A bit of background Before you begin, you need to understand why a framework is important when you do some sort of test automation. Consider the following scenario. Suppose that you have been asked to create test scripts for an application. As an automation engineer, what would be the expectations that you […]


 ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES IN QTP Environment Variables :- The variables that are commonly used across the environment in many tests by different resources are know as Environment Variables. There are Two types of Environment variables 1. Built-in-variables 2. User Defined Variables 1.Built-in-variables :- These variables will be by default available in every test and can be […]

Recovery scenario in QTP

Recovery Scenario in QTP: *** When you want to recover from any problem, First, face the problem manually, Find the solution manually , Recover from that problem manually.And in the same way you implement for Automation ( in QTP)Recovery Scenario with Pop-Up window ( When a pop-window appears either thru +ve testing or –Ve testing […]

Regular Expression in QTP

Regular Expression in QTP – Object Properties and Methods The Regular Expression object provides simple regular expression support. Properties Global Property IgnoreCase Property Pattern Property Methods Execute Method Replace Method Test Method Let us see in detaila bout each of these Properties and Methods. 1.Global Property Sets or returns a Boolean value that indicates if […]

Class in oops

Class in oops In this article, an object based technique of creating test code using VBScript classes will be shown. Usage of classes helps in keeping all methods and properties for a module intact, and if done correctly, this can simply maintenance greatly. This article serves as an introduction to Class usage in QTP. In […]

Dictionary Objects QTP

Dictionary Objects QTP: The Dictionary object stores name/value pairs (referred to as the key and item respectively) in an array. The key is a unique identifier for the corresponding item and cannot be used for any other item in the same Dictionary object. The following code creates a Dictionary object called “cars”, adds some key/item […]

Descriptive programming in QTP :

Descriptive programming in QTP : When using Descriptive programming, we’re bypassing the native object repository mechanism, which may have many advantages, but is extremely not flexible. We’ll examine situations in which the OR’s advantages are outweighed by the DP’s flexibility. In order to fully grasp how DP actually works, it’s best to first understand how […]

QTP Introduction to object oriented programming

QTP Introduction to object oriented programming Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that uses “objects” – data structures consisting of data fields and methods together with their interactions – to design applications and computer programs. Programming techniques may include features such as data abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance. Many modern programming languages now support […]

QTP Registering a Function Using the Function Generator

QTP Registering a Function Using the Function Generator: You can register a public function to a test object to enable the function (operation) to be performed on a test object. When you register a function to a test object, you can choose to override the functionality of an existing operation, or you can register the […]