Interview Questions on Test Planning

Interview Questions on Test Planning

1)    How to select appropriate add ins for our AUT (Application Under Test)?

2)    What is Add in UFT?

3)    What are the supporting Add ins for Database Testing?

4)    What type of Tests usually we select for automation?

5)    When to start Test Automation?

6)    How to analyze the AUT in terms of object identification?

7)    If UFT is not recognizing some of our Application objects then what are the solutions?

8)    How to estimate Test Automation efforts?

9)    Give some examples for configurable features available in UFT Tool?

10)    What is Globalize Tool settings?

11)     How to globalize Tool settings?

12)    How UFT stores its resources?

13)    Give some examples for UFT resources?

14)    What is virtual object configuration?

15)    How to generate tests in UFT and which is the best one?

16)    How to handle dynamic objects?

17)    How to handle duplicate objects?

18)    What is capcha in web applications?

19)    How to prepare test data for captcha field?

20)    What is error prevention?



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