What is HP UFT 11.5?

HP Unified Functional Testing 11.5 – It is combination of QTP (Quick Test Professional) and Service Test (ST) Tools. Using this tool we can automate GUI, API and Mobile applications functionality.

HP UFT 11.5 New Features:-

•    Updated IDE, it supports to work on multiple tests at the same time

•    HP Unified Functional Testing IDE supports for editing more than one action at the same time

•    New Recording Mode Insight Recording for GUI test, It enables us to record on any control (object) displayed on our screen, whether or not UFT recognizes the object’s technology and is able to retrieve its properties or activate its methods.

•    New Checkpoint (File Content Checkpoint) added in UFT 11.5, It is for checking File content.

•    New Output value (File Content Output value) Added in UFT 11.5 for capturing file content.

•    New GUI Testing Support for Qt and Adobe Flex Applications

UFT User Interface:

In UFT IDE 12 Menus are there but in QTP 11.00, 10 menus only

Removed menus are:

Insert, Automation, Debug Menus

Added Menus are:

Search, Design, Record, Run, ALM

Advantages of UFT over QTP

•    QTP only for Functional and Regression Testing of GUI( Windows based and Web) Applications.

•    UFT is Combination of QTP and Service Tools, It supports GUI and API Testing.

•    UFT has brand New IDE as per latest trends in IT Industry

•    Image / Control based Test Recording

•    Extended Support for Mobile Testing, write agnostic scripts, which once written can be used on multiple devices and test our scripts on simulators as well as real devices.



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