QTP Online Training
QTP Complete Reference 

Step by Step QTP Guide for beginners as well as advanced learners. It explains QTP Tool fundamentals and features in detailed manner. It covers QTP tool window keyelements, QTP test process, Recording and Running tests,Enhancing tests, Debugging Tests, Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects.
It describes QTP important features like Step Generator, Sychronization, Parameterization, Recovery scenarios and Object Identification Configuration.

Test Pane

Enhancing Tests

Inserting Flow Control Statements

Running/Executing Tests

Automation Object Model

Dynamic Handling of Object Repositories

QTP Performance Tips


QTP Scripting 

QTP Tests in VB Script orientation provides a real-time approach on Scripting. It explains Flat file scripts, Excel Scripts, GUI Scripts, Web scripts, Database scripts and xml scripts with syntax and examples.

Power point Scripts

XML Scripts

Error Handling in QTP

VB Script for QTP

It explains VB Script in QTP orientation, It covers all most all VB Script Fundamentals and Features.
It describes, Variables, constants declarations, usage of operators, VB Script flow control statements, Procedures, Coding conventions, Regular Expressions, File system Operations, Database Operations etc..


VB Script Statements

User Defined Functions

VB Script Methods

VB Script Keywords


VB Script Glossary

QTP Training (Basics to Advanced) by G C Reddy.

QTP Framework 

This section provides concepts on How to implement Automation Framework. It explains about Automation Infrastructure development, Resources creation, Driver script creation, Initialization script creation etc.
It describes data driven framework, keyword driven framework and Hybrid framework in detailed manner. It also provides Test estimations, Approvals, Reporting, Organizing and maintaining frameworks.

QTP Interview Questions

QTP Model Resumes
This section provides, Resume preparation guidelines for fresher as well as experienced. It provides some model QTP Resumes for reference. 

QTP Job News
This section Provides QTP Job news weekly. Information can be collected by Employers, Consultants and employees. QTP Professionals can use this information and their resumes directly to Employer’s and consultants mail ids.

This section provides HP QTP Certification guidelines and model Questions, It useful for QTP test professionals for preparing Certification exam.
QTP Training Programs

This section provides information on variou QTP Training programs like QTP Basics program for beginners, Advanced program for working people, QTP Framework, and VB Script for QTP that conducted by gcreddy.com
This section Provides link to our another website gcreddy.net, there you can get Manual Testing Information like, Software Testing Guide, Manual Testing Interview question and answers, Test management guidelines, Test planning, Test design and other documents.
This Section Provides Quality Center Fundamentals and features; Site Administration, Creating Domains, Projects, and Users. Creating Requirements, Designing Manual & Automated Tests, Executing Manual and Automated Tests and Entering defects. Sending Defects directly from QTP Result window.

This section provides LoadRunner tool Fundamentals and Features; Vuser generator, Controller, Load Generator, Analysis and LoadRunner Interview Questions.


QTP Other Topics

This section provides QTP Related articles and other information like, challenges in Test Automation using QTP, Migrating Test scripts from old version to New version, QTP trends, enhancements, New release information, Browser compatibility issues etc..

Software Testing Documents 

Documents on Unit Testing, Web Testing, Software Testing Artifacts, Software Test Process Etc.. 

QTP Training in Scripting Orientation




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