How to Install WordPress on Server 2008 the Easy Way

windowswebplatofrmYou know, I’ve never been much of a fan of using Windows as a Web Server. I don’t like ASP code, I never liked the configuration of IIS 5 or 6, and I know a lot of guys who just got tired of wrestling the security issues on Windows Server.

Not to mention the fact that most Open Source software is written for Linux and Apache, and while I’ve banged around on the Windows port of Apache, it’s just easier to use a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) box along with one of those nifty cPanel interfaces to get stuff done.

However, the world has been a-changin’ with Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7. IIS 7 can now support PHP, and since so many of the most popular scripts for content management systems and blogging software are written in PHP, my mind opens up a bit towards the possibility of using a Server 2008 box for web hosting. But even so, the tweaks and worksarounds to make the Open Source stuff work on Server 2008 have been kind of a pain.

The wizards over at Microsoft have even tried to make web life on a Server 2008 box a little easier with their Microsoft Web Platform Installer. . This little 1MB download will help you not only easily install PHP, IIS, WordPress, Drupal (one of my absolute favorite web apps!) , and a whole mess of other stuff on your web server, but also keep your code up to date. (Note: Check out the 2.0 Beta version for easy installs of PHP support and the latest and greatest from the Open Source stuff. Skip the 1.0, it’s so yesterday.)

So go download it, check it out, and tell me your experience with it in the comments.


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