How to Connect Your Xbox 360 to Your Home Server

So you got yourself a brand new Windows Home Server. Pretty cool, huh? Do you have an xBox 360 hiding somewhere too? Did you know you can connect these two together and totally show it off in front of your friends?

Yup, xBox 360 and your Windows Home Server are compatible devices that can work together. And today I’ll show you just how to do that … connect your xBox 360 to your Home Server that is, not how to show it off.

The setup is quite easy and it takes only a few minutes. When you’re done, your xBox 360 will be able to do these awesome things:

  • create a photo slide show with pictures that are on your Home Server
  • play music that is located on your Home Server — even from your iTunes
  • watch videos that you have saved on your Home Server

Basically your xBox 360 will become a multimedia extension of your Home Server. You can stream music, photos and videos from your Home Server to your Xbox 360 and you don’t even need any additional software.

So if you think that watching your family vacation photos on the big screen sounds like fun, or rocking out to your favorite iTunes without leaving your couch is something you’d like to do — then follow these easy steps and do what you’re supposed to do with your Home Server — connect! Now let’s get to it!

Before you start your configuration, you will need to physically connect your xBox to your Home Server. There are two ways you can do that:

1. Use an Ethernet cable – connect one end to your xBox and the other into your router, switch, or an internet jack, if you have one nearby.

2. Purchase a wireless add-on device and connect it to your xBox. The xBox wireless network adapter allows for easy integration with your home network and eliminates cables. This is what I am going to use in this example.

Pictured below is the wireless network adapter and how it fits into your xBox:

Wireless Network Adapter for Xbox

Wireless Network Adapter for xBox

1. Once the physical connection is in place, go ahead and start up your xBox.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 1

2. Move over to the System blade.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 3

3. Move over to the Network Settings option and click A to select it.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 4

4. Move down to the Edit Settings option and again, click A on your xBox controller to select that option.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 5

5. This is the place where we are going to be able to see the console’s networking configuration settings.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 6

6. If you physically connected your xBox to your router, you should be able to see all your settings here, like your IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, etc.

If you are using the wireless add-on, you will see exactly what is on the screenshot above. No worries — we can fix that. What we need to do next is to configure the wireless connection and we will be all set.

Move down with your controller, to the Wireless Mode option and select it.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 7

7. xBox is going to search for wireless networks in your area. Once finished, it will display the results in a window.

Go ahead and pick your wireless network and then click A to select it. In our example we are going to select theLowes network.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 8

8. If your wireless network is protected by a WPA key, go ahead and enter it now. If you do not have a key for your wireless network, your xBox is going to connect now. In our example, we need to enter the key.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 9

9. Once you connect, go ahead and select Test Media to make sure everything is working.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 10

10. Your xBox will perform a number of tests and then display the results.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 11

11. Now you can go back to your Network Settings window and you will see that all the networking information is there.

Connecting xBox 360 to Home Server - 12

Piece of cake, huh? Now you can enjoy all your favorite music, videos and photos right from your living room!

All you have to do is … well, how about I’ll let Scott Lowe, our Windows Home Server Training instructor, show you how to access your multimedia from your xBox.

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