Files and Keywords in UFT

File Extensions and Keywords in UFT Tool
A) Files to be created and used in UFT Tool

1) Shared Object Repository File (.tsr)

2) Function Library File (.vbs)

3) Environment Variable File (.xml)

4) Test Batch File (.mtb)

5) Recovery Scenario File (.qrs)

6) UFT Test Scripts (.mts)

7) Test Result Files (.xml/html/.doc/pdf/txt/xls/xlsx etc)

8) Test Data File (.txt/xls/xlsx/mdb etc)

9) AOM script File (.vbs)

10) Local object repository File (.mtr)

Note 1: For Test Result and Test Data we can use different type files, remaining are standard file extensions.

B) Keywords in UFT Test Automation
UFT Tool Supports Advanced keyword driven Testing

What is keyword driven Testing?

In this approach Tests can be created and executed using Keywords


A key to the code


A reserved word that refers a command / Object/ Function/Method/Statement etc…
1) Utility Objects

SystemUtil, RepositoriesCollection, Reporter, Services, Environment etc…
2) Test Objects

WinButton, WebButton, VbButton, Browser, page, Link etc….
3) Automation Objects

objFso, objExcel, objConnection, objRecordset, objWord etc…

4) Functions

a) Built in functions
Array Functions (Array, IsArray, Split, Join, LBound, UBound etc…)

String Functions (Len, Left, Right, Mid, StrComp, Instr etc…)

Date & Time Functions (Date, Time, Now, Timer, DateDiff etc…)

I/O Functions (InputBox, Msgbox)

Conversion Functions (CInt, CDbl etc…)

Miscellaneous Functions (VarType, CreateObject etc…)

b) User defined functions

Login, Register, Open_Order etc…
5) Methods

a) Local Methods

Activate, Set, select, Click, Close, GetRoProperty, captureBitmap, ChildObjects, GetContent etc…

b) Global Methods

CreateTextFile, CreateFolder, DeleteFolder, OpenTextFile etc…

Add, Open, Quit, Save, SaveAs etc….

Open, MoveNext, Close etc…
6) Properties

AtEndofLine, AtEndofStream, Size etc…

WorkBooks, Worksheets, Visible, ActiveWorkbook etc…

EOF, Fields, Provider etc…
7) VBScript Statements

Set, If, For, Do, While, Wait, Dim, ReDim, ExecuteFile, Option Explicit,

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