File System Object Interview Questions

File System Object Interview Questions

1) What is Computer File System?

It is feature of Operating System used to work with Drives, Folders and Files.

End user point of Drive, Folder, File, and Database like segregation, but computer understands every thing in terms of files only.

2) What are File systems available in Microsoft Windows?

a) FAT (File Allocation Table)
b) NTFS (New Technology File System)

3) Give some examples for File System Operations?

· Create a Folder

· Copy a Folder

· Delete a Folder

· Create a Text file

· Copy a Text file

· Delete a Text file

· Read data

· write data

· Compare data

· Search operations etc…

4) How end user performs File system Operations?

End user perform file system operations manually with the help of input devices like Keyboard and mouse, if it is Command line operation system like DOX or UNIX with the help of commands.

5) What is a Flat file or Text File gives an example?

Flat or Text File means, File which doesn’t have any format, ex: Notepad.

6) How to do automatic File system Operations using VBScript?

Using File System Object in VBScript end user can perform Automatic File System Operations.

7) What is Drive object?

8) How to create Drive object?

9) What is Folder Object?

10) How to create Folder object?

11) What is Test stream object?

12)  How to create Test stream object?

Set Variable = FileSystemObject.CreateTextFile Or OpenTextFile(“File path”, File Mode)

File Modes

1 for Read

2 for Write

8 for Append

Note: Default File Mode is Read.

13)   How to release the memory for File System stream object?

Set FileSystemObject = Nothing



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