Features of Java Language

Features of Java Language
     Every language provides some services or facilities so that they can be used in the application developed services are facilities can we called as features of that programming language.
The various features of Java language are
6.Architecture neutral
9.High Performance
The Java language is called as a simple language because of the following reasons.
i.The complex topics like pointers ,templates etc..are eliminated in java language.the pointers concept when used in an application their form a threat to the data(do not secure to the data)
ii.As a Java programmer we are responsible for only memory allocation.the memory deallocation eill be atomatically performed by the “garbage collector”.
iii.The sysntax of java language is similar to other programming languages like C,C++etc..
The java language is called as Object-oriented language because every thing in java will be in the form of objects and classes.
i .Any thing that exists physically in the realworl.can we called as an “object”.Every object will contain some propertie and actions.the properties of an object can we used to describe an object.The actions of anobject represent the task performed by an object.
ii. An object exists physically but class doesnot exists physically.Aclass can we considered as a model or a blue print or plan to create an object for a   single class.We can create any number of objects without a class we cannot create objects.
The java language is said to be a distributed language.Because using this language we can access the data into the applications from various machines.The distributed nature of java language can we used for developing client server applications or web based applications.
In java language is said to be a strong programming language because the following reasons.
i.memory management:In java language during the time of memory allocation their is no memory wastage and all the unused memory will be atomatically deallocated by the garbage collector.Their by a memory management in java is very strong.
ii.Exception handling:A java language can be used to handle the errors at run time .The run time errors are called asa Exceptions.
Java is a Secured programming language.Because it contains predefined security programmers to protect the data as a programmer we need not implement security.

6.Architecture Neutral(or)platform Independent:
In java language is called a Architecture neutral .Because we can execute a java program with out considering any operating system,any architecture,software,hardware ofthe machine.
i.when we compile a ‘c’ language application the compiler we will convert the ‘c’ language instructions into machine language instructions which can be executed in that machine.If the same machine language instructions are given to other machine then those are other machines cannot execute the applications.If we want to execute the applicaqtion in other machines when we should compile once again and then execute this nature of the language makes”machine dependent”.
ii.When we compile a java program ,the compiler will convert the java code to byte code(special java instructions).The byte code instructions are independent of the machine in which they are generated.the byte code instructions will be converted to machine instructions at execution is performed.This nature makes the language as “platform independent” or “machine independent”.
Ex:Add.java     byte code instruction
Any language that generate the same ouput in all the machines then that  language can we called as “portable language”.
8. Interpreted:
In java language along with the compiler it also contains interpreter theirfore called as “Interpreted language”.
9.High performance:
In java language the execution of java program will be done by compiler and interpreter therefore less time taken for execution the program and which improves the performance of applicaton.
10.Multi threaded:
Any language that supports the cocept of multi threading is called as “multithreaded”language.
i.Using java language we can create multiple threades which can we execute concurrently or simultaneously.Every thread can we considered as aseparate piease of control.
The java language is said to be dynamic because the memory is allocated dynamically at execution time(run time).



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