Cheat Sheet – HTML CSS Font Size Comparisons & Conversions

  Pixels Ems Points Percents 8px 0.5em 6pt 50% 9px 0.55em 7pt 55% 10px 0.625em 7.5pt 62.50% 11px 0.7em 8pt 70% 12px 0.75em 9pt 75% 13px 0.8em 10pt 80% 14px 0.875em 10.5pt 87.50% 15px 0.95em 11pt 95% 16px 1em 12pt 100% 17px 1.05em 13pt 105% 18px 1.125em 13.5pt 112.50% 19px 1.2em 14pt 120% 20px 1.25em […]

Cheat Sheet – HTML 4 & HTML5 Element/Tag

HTML 4 Elements/Tags <!–…–> <fieldset> <p> <!DOCTYPE> <form> <param /> <a> <frame /> <pre> <abbr> <frameset> <q> <acronym> <h1> to <h6> <samp> <address> <head> <script> <area /> <hr /> <select> <b> <html> <small> <base /> <i> <span> <bdo> <iframe> <strong> <big> <img /> <style> <blockquote> <input /> <sub> <body> <ins> <sup> <br /> <kbd> <table> […]

Cheat Sheet – CSS

CSS Display display: block; display: inline; display: none; visibility: hidden; The CSS Box Model margin: value; padding: value; border: size style color; width: value; height: value; overflow: auto; overflow: scroll; overflow: visible; overflow: hidden; float: value; clear: value; position: fixed; position: static; position: relative; position: absolute; z-index: value; Types of CSS Inline CSS Internal CSS […]

Cheat Sheet – MYSQL

Database Commands SHOW DATABASES; CREATE DATABASE databasename; USE databasename; DROP DATABASE databasename; DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS databasename; Table Commands CREATE TABLE tablename ( columnname1 DATATYPE, columnname2 DATATYPE, columnname3 DATATYPE, PRIMARY KEY(columnname) ); SHOW TABLES; DESCRIBE tablename; DROP TABLE tablename; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tablename; MYSQL Design Database > Table(s) > Data Table Columns: Limit: 4096 […]

Cheat Sheet – PHP

PHP Conditions & Loops if (condition) { action } elseif (condition) { action } else { action } switch (1st half of condition) { case “2nd half of condition”: action break; default: action break; } while (condition) { action increment condition variable } do { action increment condition variable } while (condition); for (initialize; condition; […]

Cheat Sheet – Color Charts

  Fuchsia Aqua Yellow White Purple Teal Olive Silver Blue Lime Red Gray Navy Green Maroon Black Color Hex R G B #555555 85 85 85 #1E1E1E 30 30 30 #282828 40 40 40 #515151 81 81 81 #5B5B5B 91 91 91 #848484 132 132 132 #8E8E8E 142 142 142 #AAAAAA 170 170 170 #B7B7B7 […]

Cheat Sheet – Special Characters

To make special characters and accented letters show up on your pages, use a special set of codes called character entities, which you insert into your HTML code and which your browser will display as the corresponding symbols or characters you want. The most common character entities have been collected by the International Organization for […]

Cheat Sheet – HTML

Keep this cheatsheet handy — it contains the most common HTML tags and their proper syntax. Contents Basic Tags Body Attributes Text Tags Links Formatting Tables Table Attributes Frames Frames Attributes Forms   Basic Tags <html></html> Creates an HTML document <head></head> Sets off the title and other information that isn’t displayed on the web page […]