QC 11.00 Certification

 QC 11.00 Certification (HPO-M46) Difference Between QC 10.00 and QC 11.00 Certification exams   Instead of Quality Center(QC) Software v11 it will now be known as Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) Software 11. In QC 10.0 and earlier versions you need to take both QC exam(HP0-M31) And QTP exam(HP0-M39) to get AIS certificate from HP.  Starting with […]

QTP 11 Certification

QTP 11.00 Certification QTP 11 Version was introduced in September 2010, in July 2011 QTP 11 certification (Code: HPO-M47) has been introduced in place of QTP 10. Changes in between QTP 10 and QTP 11 Certification Exams: For QTP 10.00 and for earlier versions we need take both Quality Center and QTP exams to get […]

QTP Certification Questions Part 3

  QTP 11.00 (HPO-M47) Certification 1) You can manage the test actions and the test or function library steps using the _________ menu commands A. File B. Edit C. Automation D. Tools 2) To expand all the steps in the keyword view which option you would use from the View menu. A. Expand B. Expand […]

qtp questions 2

QTP 11.00 Certification Exam QTP 11.00 (HPO-M47) Certification Exam Model Questions -2 1) Object Spy can be found in __________ menu. A. Tool B. Tools C. Task D. Tasks 2) The ________________ displays the open documents side-by-side. A. Tile Vertically B. Tile Horizontally C. Cascade D. Tile Cascade 3) For opening the Quick Test Professional […]

qtp questions 1

 QTP 11.00 QTP 11.0 (HPO-M47) Certification Exam Model Questions -1 1) QuickTest processes comments when it runs a test. A. True B. False 2) Press __________ to add a new step below the currently selected step. A. F8            B. Shift + A             C. F0            D. Shift + A + Q 3) While working with the […]

QTP Testing

Generating Tests in QTP I) Pre-conditions for Generating Tests ————— a) Stable Application Example: Flight Reservation b) Select and Load appropriate add-ins Example: Standard windows and Activex (Get User Interface Technology and Database Information from development team in order to select appropriate add-ins) Note: QTP is an Object based Test Tool, based on front-end objects […]

QuickTest Professional

QTP 11.0 Certification (HPO-M47) Model Questions 1)QTP 11.0 Certification Exam Model Questions -1 2)QTP 11.0 Certification Exam Model Questions -2 3)QTP 11.0 Certification Exam Model Questions -3 4)QTP 11.0 Certification Exam Model Questions -4 5)QTP 11.0 Certification Exam Model Questions -5    

QTP Certification Questions-26

 QTP Certification Questions 1) ‘Browser navigation timeout’ is in which tab of Test Settings (File->Settings) window. A) Properties B) Resources C) Web D) Web Settings 2) How many tabs are there in Test Settings (File->Settings) window A) 7 B) 6 C) 5 D) 8 3) Identify the tabs in the Test Settings (File->Settings) window A) […]

QTP Certification Questions-25

 QTP Certification Questions 1) The Information pane provides a list of…………. in the test: A) Semantic errors B) Syntax errors C) Common errors D) Logic errors 2) When we switch from Expert view to the Keyword view, QTP automatically checks for syntax errors in the test and shows them in the information pane. A) True […]