LoadRunner Certification-10

 LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 10 91: Which scenario type allows you to add, start, and stop Vusers during a scenario nun? A. Manual B. Session C. Real Life D. Automated E. User-Defined F. Goal-Oriented 92: On which platform can the Controller be installed? A. UNIX B. Linux C. Windows D. Sun Solaris 93 You arc […]

LoadRunner Certification-11

LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 11 101: When running a debug run, what should you be looking for? A. System Worms as expected under load B. No errors pertaining to running the load test C. All server CPU and memory utilization below 50% D. Transaction response times that are higher than expected 102: Where do you […]

LoadRunner Certification-8

 LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 8 71: Which option in the Analysis tool allows you to compare a measurement in a graph with other measurements during a specific time range of a scenario and view similar trends? A. Drill Down B. Apply Filter C. Merge Graphs D. Auto Correlate 72: Which Analysis graph details transaction response […]

LoadRunner Certification-7

 LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 7 61: Which performance test finds the behavior and performance of each tier? A. Load test B. Volume test C. Scalability test D. Component test 62: Which performance test is used to find the system breaking point? A. Load test B. Volume test C. Scalability test D. Component test 63: Which […]

LoadRunner Certification-6

 LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 6 51: What instructs LoadRunner to prepare the Vusers so they are in the ready state? A. Real-life B. Initialize C. Duration D. Start Vusers 52: Which performance test objective is met when determining if the new version of the software adversely affects response time? A. Reliability B. Regression C. Acceptance […]

LoadRunner Certification-5

LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 5 41: You run a load test & the performance does not agree with your goals. What is the next step that should be taken? A. Consult with subject matter experts B. Add an additional web server to the environment C. Add additional memory to the hardware under test D. Change […]

LoadRunner Certification-9

 LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 9 81: Where can you view the available Vuser types for which you are licensed? A. VuGen B. Analysis C. Controller D. Launch screen 82: Which scenario run should have identical run-time settings as the Full Load run? A. Debug B. Isolation C. Top Time D. Scalability 83: Which level of […]

LoadRunner Certification-3

LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 3 21: Which Analysis graph details transaction response times throughout the test? A. Transactions per Second B. Average Transaction Response Time C. Transaction Response Time Under Load D. Transaction Response Time (distribution) 22: Which types of reports can be automatically generated in the Analysis tool? (Select two.) A. HTML B. MS […]

LoadRunner Certification Questions-4

LoadRunner Certification Model Questions 4 31: Where in the Run-time settings can you define to only send messages when an error occurs? A. General: Log B. General: Run Logic C. General: Miscellaneous D. General: Additional Attributes 32: You are running a test and notice that during the ramp up, the response times are beginning to […]