C Language User defined Functions

Questions on C Language User defined Functions 1. How to define a function? All the statements or the operations to be performed by a function are given in the function definition which is normally given at the end of the program outside the main. Function is defined as follows return_type function_name (arguments) { Statements; } […]

C Language Functions

C Language Functions Interview Question Part 2 1. How would you use the functions randomize () and random ()? randomize ():initiates random number generation with a random value. random ():generates random number between 0 and n-1; 2. What do the functions atoi (), itoa () and gcvt () do? atoi () is a macro that […]

Questions on Functions in C Language

Questions on Functions in C Language 1. What is a function in C language? A function is a group of statements which are collectively stated under one entity or one name, i.e. function name. A function contains many statements that need to be operated on. It can perform any operation like addition, subtraction or print […]

Questions on Constants in C Language

Questions on Constants in C Language 1. What is a constant? Constant in C language is that item whose value remains same during the execution of the program from the beginning till the end of a program. Constant may be a numeric constant or an unknown numeric constant. Although a constant’s value is specified only […]

Questions on Variables in C Language

Questions on Variables in C Language 1. What is a variable in C language? Variables are memory location in computer’s memory to store data. To indicate the memory location, each variable should be given a unique name called identifier. Variable names are just the symbolic representation of a memory location. Examples of variable name are […]

C Language Questions on Operators

C Language Questions on Operators 1. What is an Operator? An operator is a symbol which helps the user to command the computer to do a certain mathematical or logical manipulations. Operators are used in C language program to operate on data and variables. 2. What are the different types of Operators in C language? […]

C Language Interview Questions

C Language Interview Questions Questions on Operators in C Language: 1. What are Assignment operators in C language? The Assignment Operator evaluates an expression on the right of the expression and substitutes it to the value or variable on the left of the expression. For example, x = a + b Here the value of […]

C Language Data Types

Questions on Data Types in C Language 1. What is a Data Type? A Data Type is a Type of Data. Data Type is a Data Storage Format that can contain a Specific Type or Range of Values. When computer programs store data in variables, each variable must be assigned a specific data type. Many […]

C Language FAQ

Interview Questions on C Tokens 1. What is a C Token? Tokens are the basic building blocks of C programming. In a C source program, the basic element recognized by the compiler is the “token.” The compiler first groups the characters into tokens. A token is source-program text that the compiler does not break down […]

Questions on C Language Introduction

C Language Interview Questions and Answers Questions on C Language Introduction 1.    What is C Language? The C programming language is a standardized programming language developed in the early 1970s by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie for use on the UNIX operating system. It has since spread to many other operating systems, and is one […]