Automation Interview Questions


1) What is Automation?

2) What is the Difference between Automation tools and Management Tools?

3) How to perform Database operations using QTP Tool?

4) How to store Automation Resources during Test Automation using QTP?

5) What is VBScript?

6) Give brief description about QTP IDE

7) What is Debugging Tests and when it is required?

8) How to analyze the Application in terms of Object Identification?

9) Does QTP Supports UNIX operating environment?

10) What type of test cases generally we select for Automation?

11) When we start Test Automation Process?

12) How to select appropriate Add ins for test automation in QTP?

13) What are the major challenges in Functional Test Automation?

14) What is the difference between WinRunner and QTP?

15) Give brief description for Objects in Web Environment?

16) What is Activex Environment?

17) What is the difference between VB and VBScript?

18) What is SQL, and who is the vendor of SQL?

19) Why we use Test design techniques like EC, BVA, and Decision Tables etc…?

20) What is the difference between Functional and Non-Functional Testing?



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