Adding Storage to a Hyper-V Machine !!Without Shutting it Down!!

As you know, we are in the middle of creating Server 2008 R2 training. The more of Coach’s videos I watch the more and more fun stuff I find out. Did you know that in R2 you can actually add storage to a virtual machine on the fly? Sure, VMware can do it too, but I am still impressed.

Here is the kicker: It has to be a SCSI hard drive. Why not IDE Disks? Your guess is as good as mine. However, dynamic storage having to be a SCSI drive won’t slow you down; when you create a VM with Hyper-V R2 you get a SCSI controller by default (this wasn’t true in Hyper-V non-R2).

This process really couldn’t be easier:

In the server manager under the Hyper-V node, bring up the settings for the VM you want to beef up.

Hyper-V  R2 Dynamic Storage 1

Then just click on the SCSI Controller so that its properties show up in the right-hand pane. After that it is as easy as clicking Hard Drive and then the Add button.

Hyper-V R2 Dynamic Storage 2

Next a ridiculously easy wizard comes up and allows you to choose a disk type then give it a name, location, and size.

Hyper-V R2 Dynamic Storage 3

Now, the question is, can you do it from Starbucks on your iPhone?


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