7 Sample Cisco Labs for Dynamips Applications

As a follow-up to my dynamips article, this article has been put together in order to help those utilizing the dynamips tools available. This article shows a number of sample labs which can be used with the dynamips tools in order to get started utilizing these tools as quickly as possible.

You can download the individual files for each lab, or get them all in one download here: 7 Sample Cisco Labs.

Keep in mind that a little modification is required in order to meet your specific setup. The GNS3 files must have the working directory parameter modified to a valid location on your system. Both the GNS3 and Dynagen files must also have valid paths to an IOS image, in these labs an image for a 7200 series is used.

Now the following is a very simple two router lab which allows a number of simple introductory level tasks. As the two routers are connected via Frame Relay and Ethernet many different situations can be simulated without using that many resources.

Download Files:

GNS3 - Shot - 2 Router simple Frame-Ethernet Lab - 1
Simple Frame Relay-Ethernet Lab – 1

The next lab can be used to run a number of tasks including seeing how the various routing protocols work and how the different metrics are calculated between the routers. Utilizing Ethernet links simplifies the link configuration requirements in order to focus on the other protocol tasks.

Download Files:

Simple Ethernet Lab - 2
Simple Ethernet Lab – 2

3. Simple Point-to-Point Lab

The next lab shows the use of point to point links and their configuration. This lab can be used for simple routing protocol labs and complex multi-area OSPF or stub routing networks.

Download Files:

GNS3 - Shot - 4 Router Simple point to point Lab - 3
Simple Point-to-Point Lab – 3

4. Simple Hub and Spoke Lab

This next lab shows a simple Frame Relay hub and spoke network. This lab is configured in a manner which allows both point to point and point to multipoint configurations to be emulated.

Download Files:

GNS3 - Shot - 4 Router Simple hub and spoke Frame Relay Lab - 4
Simple Hub and Spoke Lab – 4

5. Second Simple Point-to-Point Lab

This lab is a simple four router point to point configuration. Many of the tasks which were completed on the four router Ethernet lab can be completed on this one as well but with the added complexity of using serial links.

Download Files:

GNS3 - Shot - 4 Router another Simple point to point Lab - 5
Second Simple Point-to-Point Lab – 5

6. Simple Hieratical Lab

This lab is intended to simulate a simple hieratical network which exists on all of the well designed networks being used. R1 is setup as the Core layer with R2 in the Distribution layer and R3 and R4 being the Access layer routers.

Download Files:

GNS3 - Shot - 4 Router Simple Hieratical Lab - 6
Simple Hieratical Lab – 6

7. Complex Lab

This final lab adds another two routers and some additional complexity to the lab. A couple of ways to configure this lab include utilizing R1, R3 and R4 as Core routers and R2, R5 and R6 as Distribution and Access Routers or utilizing R1 and R2 as Core routers and R3, R4, R5 and R6 as Edge routers.

Download Files:

GNS3 - Shot - 6 Router Complex lab - 7
Complex Lab – 7

Get Started with the Dynamips Tools

There are a number of different configurations which can be put together with the dynamips tools.  The ones that were put together above show a number of possibilities which can be used to get you started in your studies and hopefully help in understanding additional concepts.

The configuration files which are distributed with this article are not currently configured with an IDLE PC number as this is independent on the system that dynamips is being run on. Please make sure to utilize this feature with your configuration as it will enable much lower CPU utilization.

For those of you who already have some equipment it should also be noted that dynamips can also be configured to interface with physical ports on the computer as well. When utilizing this functionality the dynamips lab can be interfaced with real equipment.

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